Check out Cha's Interview with Korsha from A Hungry Society

I had the opportunity to kick it Korsha  Wilson from A Hungry Society April 5th on Heritage Radio.  A published writer from Eater, Tasting Table, to Vice Munchies she is a force in food journalism, and it was an honor to be featured on her show.   We get into my story in the wine scene as well the acceptance of women and women of color  from my experience. 

Check out the Podcast Here

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How Culinary Is Inspiring A New U.S. Migration Food Rush: The Gold Rush Of Our Era

For the Connoisseur, food has always been a hot commodity, but now it’s becoming the cornerstone for developer’s dreams.  You can tell that healthy eating, choosing better quality and more obscure foods has generated a wave in the U.S. and has become the new cool factor to many communities.  Foodies are shaping the culture of small cities and suburban America. 

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Behind the Bubbles: Champagne 101

We may be well into the new year, there are still plenty of reasons to drink Champagne! Despite having the prestigious title of being the premiere sparkling wine, few people know what truly makes Champagne such a unique, delectable bubbly drink, and more importantly, so expensive. Read on for three ways to identify the real deal from other styles of sparkling wine. 

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